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Tag: Customer Success

Managing customer relationships in the hybrid working era

Managing customer relationships in the hybrid working era

Saying the customer success rulebook has been ripped up is a massive understatement. In the past couple of years, it’s been torn to shreds, those shreds have burnt to a crisp, and the water poured on the ashes has extinguished any hope of reading the CS rules we once followed

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Follow these 4 customer success trends and win 2021

In these really uncertain times, maybe the only certainty is that customer success teams will be crucial to your success with customers! More than ever, they’re craving support and transparency – which is why those elements are front and centre in our 2021 customer success trends! But the biggest question

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Learning from the lessons of customer success experts

You can’t really travel the road to customer success without encountering failure somewhere along the way, or at least a few challenging diversions. But those blips in the journey help you prepare a better route next time. What if you could take a quick shortcut in the form of advice

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Employee onboarding tips from customer success experts

Successfully onboarding a new employee is a lot like cooking from a recipe. You’ve got the list of ingredients but how much of each you use, the cooking time and presentation depends on your culinary goals. Let’s leave the kitchen and get back to the office. What we’re saying is