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Follow these 4 customer success trends and win 2021

In these really uncertain times, maybe the only certainty is that customer success teams will be crucial to your success with customers! More than ever, they’re craving support and transparency – which is why those elements are front and centre in our 2021 customer success trends! But the biggest question is how data and technology can be harnessed to make your team a customer’s dream…

  1. Intelligent listening fuelled by data
  2. Automated support and real-time responses
  3. The remote success rep and building relationships
  4. Empowering CS with self-led learning and knowledge searching

1. Intelligent listening fuelled by data

Think about all your best friendships, the people who really listen are the ones who understand you to a T.  So, we should be applying the same principle when getting to know our customers. 

It’s hardly surprising that data enters the picture here. In fact, now more than ever, it’s analytics that paint the picture of our customer’s needs. But it’s the difference between using a paint by numbers kit and getting something commissioned by a skilled artist – without the data you’re barely staying within the lines. 

Why? Firstly, it means a more tailored approach! Individual solutions can be created for customers, meaning their problems are solved sooner, smarter and with a smile on their face.

So, this brings us to listening intelligently to problem solve. Use all the data sources at your disposal to understand customers on a deep, personal level. By passing that detail on to your customer success reps, they can respond meaningfully and ensure their quick decisions are based on data. 

As we said, uncertain futures require forward planning! Set yourself up for success later by strategising now – start compiling your customer data, analyse it and you’ll be flying in 2021.

2. Automated support and real-time responses

In-person meetings, daily commutes, coffee shop catch-ups – they’re all off the table for now. Instead, we’re remote and safe at home, tapping into automation in support solutions.

But this is an ideal opportunity to use our existing tech in new ways, ensuring customers are engaged at their point of need. By using automated support in a structured way, we can ensure customers are getting quick answers and feeling supported – which translates to happy customers a lot of the time.

For example, at HowNow, our team uses our customer insights and relationships to create content that helps them understand how to use the platform and find answers before they even realise they need them. By anticipating and thinking ahead, they find what they need at the end of a search in seconds. Learn how you can give your customer support team those superpowers right here.

3. The remote success rep and building relationships.

If a trends article for 2021 doesn’t mention the remote worker, is it even a trends article for what’s hopefully the post-pandemic year? We already mentioned it but reps, customers, colleagues, they’re all likely to be at home in some capacity as we enter 2021.

This has meant a change to how we answer queries and provide support. More importantly, it requires you to create strong relationships with customers, give them the confidence to share both positive and negative feedback, and then allow your CS team to act on it. It’s a win-win situation because your customers feel listened to and you can improve how you’re handling their queries.

You can hardly hop on a Zoom quiz with your customers, so you’ve got to make a real effort to nurture a long-term dialogue and relationship. Up your communication, if you need to, check-in regularly and make it clear that you’re there when they need you.

4. Empowering CS with self-led learning and knowledge searching

Yes, the customer probably does come first but you can’t overlook the need for your remote reps to have the right tools. To be able to find, learn and implement the relevant product knowledge in the right moments. To be honest, that applies to all reps and employees! 

The point is that they can’t go above and beyond if they can’t get beyond the first hurdle – and that’s getting their hands on useful information, documents and guidance from peers.

If there’s less back and forth when they need to find information, they can offer more seamless customer experiences. The quicker they can find accurate knowledge, the more efficient and timely their responses will be. That’s why having a central knowledge base for all of your resources and learning can be so crucial to success. It’s the difference between waiting hours for a colleague to reply and finding the answer for yourself in minutes. 

We don’t mean to brag, but HowNow creates one front door for all your knowledge by bringing all your scattered knowledge together at the end of a search. Oh, and we integrate with the tools your CS teams use day in, day out, so they can find that information where they’re already responding to customers.

But it doesn’t stop at queries, your people should be encouraged to create content that helps customers get the best out of a product. If one CS rep’s nailed a way of explaining and guiding through the steps of using a feature, that should be there for the rest of the team to share in their interactions.