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5 ways to avoid employee onboarding being incredibly boring

Congratulations for deciding to invest a bit more time and effort into onboarding!

Employee onboarding can be a long and boring process. But it’s every new hire’s first impression of the company, so you need to make sure it doesn’t scare them off. Let them know they made the right decision choosing your company by making their onboarding experience as engaging and welcoming as possible.

Good onboarding improves performance and increases employee retention. So, what are the best ways to go about achieving that?

1. Provide a checklist of tasks.

Having an onboarding list reduces confusion and any questions employees may have, which saves time and means you can focus on making onboarding interesting in other ways. By having all your on-boarding online, you can make this a smooth process from start to finish.

An online onboarding system like HowNow makes it easy for new hires to see what they have done and what they have left to do. Streamlined and simple, with everything in one place.   

2. Spend some quality time with them.

 Start the day with an ice-breaker or go out for a team lunch. This will show the new employee you are excited to have them in the company and give them a chance to get comfortable with their new team.

 Using an online employee on-boarding system increases productivity because it reduces the need for in-person training. But your new hire stills needs to meet everyone and feel like they are part of the team!

Instead of spending hours doing in-person training, use a quick and easy online onboarding system so that everyone has more time to spend being social and showing your new employee what the lifestyle at your company is all about.

3. Use games and interactive activities.

Gone are the days of endless forms, lectures and reading! Make the employee onboarding process fun and playful with interactive games and activities tailored to your company.

More high-impact features will work wonders in engaging new hires and making them feel like they made the right decision in accepting the new role.

4. Personalise it.

 You need to make sure your new hire feels that they are valued as a person and their unique skills are recognised.

You can assign them a workplace buddy who can guide them through their first few days and who can become a friendly face who understands exactly how they work and learn.

 Of course, we all learn in different ways, and HowNow‘s onboarding AI engine can make personalised recommendations based on your employees’ role in the company and their learning preferences, making them feel valued and understood from Day 1.

 5. Find a balance.

Whilst you want your new employee to have a good time, it is also important that the onboarding process goes smoothly so that they know all the necessary information about the company and how to do their job.

With an online automated program, you can ensure both speed and cost-effectiveness, helping to accomplish this balance. Focussed and engaging learning makes sure the training is as in-depth and detailed as it needs to be, without becoming boring. And creating effective job aids means that they can come back and find that information easily and on their terms.