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5 ways online learning can encourage a culture of growth

Encouraging a growth mindset is one of the quickest and easiest ways for a business to get more from their employees without changing all that much. When employees feel responsible for their growth and understand that they can change and improve at work, the whole dynamic shifts. From a relationship that was previously based on an employer ‘teaching’ an employee, the employee suddenly becomes empowered. 

We’re looking at why online learning especially is so beneficial when companies want to encourage a culture of growth, and how it can be used to build a culture of constant improvement.

1. Employees feel valued

Online learning enables employees to learn new skills and develop as professionals. Showing them that they are valued and appreciated can have amazing results when it comes to encouraging a culture of growth. As people within an organisation are encouraged to grow on a personal level, they are more inclined to feel valued and want to give back to the company. This can have great repercussions and is estimated to increase productivity by 8.6%.  

2. Giving learning recognition

By encouraging online learning, employers prove that they value learning and see it as a valuable thing to do. As such, this sets the tone for the entire company and reassures those who might think continuous learning is a waste of time. By showing employees that learning is beneficial and essential, you give them the space to take hold of their education. This is a great way to encourage a culture of growth and allows employees to feel comfortable with setting time aside to learn.

3. Proving that you want to grow from within

When you invest in online training, it shows that you care about promoting from within. Instead of finding the skills and talent from outside of the organisation, online training allows people to upskill alongside their roles in order to develop and grow on the job. When employees realise that they can boost their career prospects and developer quickly within the company, they are likely to work harder and more enthusiastically which boosts the company culture.

4. Retaining talent

Although developing a culture of growth is all about moving forwards, it is also important to acknowledge that retaining talent is essential for growth. Much of the latest learning technology uses knowledge and experience that more senior employees have to help direct learning and encourage people to build on the skills they will actually need for their role. As such, it’s massively helpful to be able to retain talent so they can help you train up the next generation of elearning heroes. 

5. Employees take learning into their own hands

In order to develop a culture of growth, it’s essential that people feel empowered to learn. You can push someone into taking classes or sitting in front of a teacher, but unless they really want to learn something, they probably won’t. Online learning is amazing in this sense, as it means that employees can learn in a way that suits them. Once their mindset shifts into wanting to take learning into their own hands, the growth of the individual and company can be limitless!

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